In business since 1997, PPFS is a company dedicated to providing medical providers with a broad range of business services in a professional, knowledgeable, efficient manner.  Our services include medical billing, medical practice management consultation, and bookkeeping services. 

Today's health insurance environment is forcing physicians and their staff to devote more and more resources to pursue an ever decreasing insurance reimbursement.  Practices are attempting to process more paperwork with minimal staff, and physicians and staff are becoming ever more frustrated and stressed.  PPFS can help make those headaches a thing of the past.

PPFS supplies medical providers with and experienced, professional, cost effective way to out-source many of their business office functions. We hire only personnel with relevant experience in order to deliver the highest quality of service.

PPFS maintains the staff, equipment,  computer hardware and software, supplies and space needed for these functions, not the healthcare provider.  PPFS enables our clients to, in effect, power-purchase these services by sharing in the overhead with all other PPFS customers thus reducing costs and creating savings in money, time, and space.